• panoramic view

    Situation map

  • Berner Alpen

    The Bietschhorn and the bernese alps

  • Blick ins Goms

    Sunlit morning view into the Goms

  • Mischabelgruppe

    The Michabel tucked in behind a swiss stone pine

  • Gärsthorn

    Evening sun glowing on the Gärsthorn


Zeneggen rests on a mountain pulpit at the entrance to the Visper valley. A fantastic view of the Mischabel group, majestically standing between the Saaser and Matter valleys, presents itself when rounding one of the last curves in the road. Opposite Zeneggen, on the other side of the valley, lies Visperterminen, home to the highest vineyard in Europe. Towards the east, the view takes you as far as Naters and the village of Ernen, reknowned for it's festival celebrating classical music. The Bietschorn towards the north, standing high above the valley of Baltschieder, with the Wiwanni in the foreground, completes the breathtaking panorama.

The many hiking trails round and about Zeneggen cater for all expectations. A delightful meander through sunlit forests and scented mountain meadows? Or maybe you would prefer a tour through the pastures up to the Moosalp and the Augsbordhorn? An observant hiker will catch a glance of many birds, butterflies and flowers that in many other places have become increasingly rare.