• Etiketten unserer Weine

    Our wine bottles

  • Pinot noir Ernte

    Pinot noir, harvested

  • Admiral auf Pinot noir

    The Red Admiral is also partial to the Blauburgunder

  • abbeeren

    Bringing in the harvest

To us, „House wine“ or as the Walliser says, „Eigänä" (our own), means everything from planting the vines up to labelling the freshly filled bottles. We do it all ourselves.

Just below Zeneggen, at an altitude of 700-800m above sea level, our three sorts of vines prosper. Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder), Johannisberg (Silvaner) and Muscat. The mild climate and the vineyard's sheltered location in the „Riedboden“ enable us to create a fruity, rich wine.

The grapes are harvested in late autumn. We then press them in our wine cellar and come following spring, the finished wine is bottled. Teruko Yokoi, a japanese artist living in Berne, designed the lables for the bottles.

Sadly, we do not produce enough wine each year to last the season. Due to this, you will find a nice selection of further distinguished, local wines on our wine list.