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The panorama from the Alpenblick Hotel in Zeneggen is truly breathtaking, offering a majestic view that one can never tire of.

To the north, the imposing Bietschhorn stretches over the Baltschied Valley to the Gärsthorn. This mountain massif dominates the landscape, bestowing upon it a sublime splendor. At the foot of the Gärsthorn lies the picturesque village of Mund, renowned for its saffron.

The view to the east reveals the valleys of Naters and Termen, as well as the path leading to the Goms. The picturesque villages in this high valley, with their sun-kissed old Walliser houses, are always worth a visit.

In the direction of east-southeast lies the Visp Valley with the highest vineyard in Europe in Visperterminen. The vineyards along the slopes give the region a unique character. The sight is a true delight for the senses and invites one to taste local delicacies and discover the culture of the region.

To the south, the Saas Valley extends with its charming villages and the Nikolaital leading to Zermatt. This view beckons to countless mountain adventures, while between the two valleys stands majestically the Mischabel Group with the Dom, crowning the landscape with its imposing presence.

Behind the hotel, the gentle hills of Biel rise with the Chapel of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. This place exudes a special atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation, serving as a wonderful viewpoint and source of inspiration to fully appreciate the beauty of nature.